Quantum Physics & Spirituality

After studying quantum physics over the past few weeks, this is what I believe:

♦ When God said, " Let there be light ", I believe that superstrings were created.
♦ Then superstrings come together to form quarks which combined to form larger subatomic particles which combined to form atoms.
♦ These superstrings are moving so fast that they create the properties of solid objects.
♦ Because some superstrings move faster than light, they can carry thoughts from the past and from the future.
♦ A consequence of this is that we can create our own reality.
♦ If we speak negative thoughts, we can create a negative reality. If we speak positive thoughts, we can create a positive reality.

Study these two pages and see if you come to the same conclusion: Quantum Particles and Sound and Health .

Index of Pages Relating to Quantum Physics

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Quantum Physics and Spirituality
Sound, health & quantum physics
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