Real Prophecies, Chuck Pierce

Surprise Sithole has prayed for 8 dead people who came back to life! Those under him prayed for more than 100 dead people who have come back to life! Is it possible that you and I can tap into such miraculous power?

Mr. Pierce says that the blessings bestowed upon people, states and countries are often correlated to their treatment of Israel. For instance, on May 19, 2011 president Barack Obama proclaimed that Israel should go back to the borders it had before the 1997 war. Shortly thereafter there were two devastating tornado events in the US. The Joplin, MO tornado was the deadliest tornado that America has had in 70 years. The Tuscaloosa, AL tornado killed 400 people. He says that various American states can be blessed depending upon their treatment of Israel.

When people do not pay attention to the word of God, He has a way of getting their attention.

To learn more about Chuck Pierce's prophecies, watch the video below.

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